About UGC

User - Generated Content (UGC) is a new digital marketing tool that shows a brand in organic light.

Why is UGC useful? - Because customers are no longer reacting to unrealistic paid ads. It means that your potential clients are scrolling past your ads without even taking a look!

People want to see realistic content with real users and organic dialogue. They want to relate to your product's story and be able to imagine themselves using it. One of the top benefits of user-generated content is that it serves as excellent social proof. Seeing content from real customers increases your credibility.

The quick boom of TikTok made short term content the fastest tool to connect you to your target audience and share all the information about your product. And the best part? UGC creators don’t post the content to their social feeds—they give the videos to the brand to repost on their marketing channels.

Discover a Product

50% of customers say that UGC is a great way to discover new products

conversion rate

Placing UGC directly on product pages can improve conversion rates by up to 64%


UGC is 35% more memorable than other media

Word of Mouth

92% of consumers trust word of mouth more than any kind of advertising