Important Instagram Trends in 2022

Updated: Apr 13

Social media is widely presented in personal and business life. The pandemic and prolonged quarantine have turned them into the main source of news, communication, and trade. Whether you're using the internet for marketing or you just like to keep up to date, you need to know the trends. In this article, we will try to predict popular social media trends in 2022. By analyzing popular pages of different brands and influencers and Instagram trend report


Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

The once-popular "successful success" is fading away. The same pretty pictures no longer attract attention (yay!), so the 2021 blogging content trend “I’m Human Too” will continue this year.

Brands will also join the trend. They are posting fewer product photos taken in the studio and more real-life photos with real people.

Starbucks Instagram feed

Dance Challenges

Music content will continue to grow, as well as dance challenges. According to an Instagram report, brands can launch their challenges or integrate them into existing ones.

Top posts for #dancechallenge via Instagram search

Digital Detox

Bloggers are actively broadcasting the importance of taking a break from Instagram and voluntarily giving up the Internet to maintain a balance between real and virtual life. They tell you how to go on a digital diet, take a break from the information flow, switch your attention to other interesting activities, and relieve stress and tension.

Mental Health

The modern world is filled with stress and disasters, so good mental health is undoubtedly one of the must-haves. It is important to follow him, fully care for and strengthen him, and not just “put on a mask”. Therefore, topics about mental health will be in trend this year too.

For example, the daughter of actor Will Smith shared that she has been struggling with psychological problems for a long time. She was supported by model Bella Hadid. She posted selfies with tears and wrote a heartfelt post about how she struggles with mental trauma and burnout.

Bella Hadid Instagram post


The launch of Reels made Instagram even more popular: people are glad to see more short videos and those videos “fly out” to the top. Over time, Reels can increase the duration of the video, the audio library has expanded, and masks, effects, and stickers have been added.

What can be shown in the video, which lasts only 60 seconds:

  • Share knowledge and life hacks.

  • Show your product, its features, and use cases.

  • Make a selection of useful materials on the topic of the blog or something related.

  • Introduce subscribers to the daily life of you or your team.

  • Offer solutions to issues show that problems can be treated with humor.


Video content is trending this year as well. You can now add videos to your feed that are longer than 60 seconds. If you still prefer longer videos over a short Reels trend, there is room for you on Instagram too!


It became possible to create joint posts on Instagram when a post appears in the feed of two accounts at once and, accordingly, receives a double amount of likes, comments, and saves, it became possible in 2021.

Instagram post

This trend will intensify in 2022 as collaborations allow two blogs to promote through one action. You can become co-authors not only in posts, but also in Reels.

Instagram Anti-Trends

Some trends live through the years, and some very quickly lose their relevance.

  • Depersonalized product accounts are a thing of the past. People are interested not only in the information or a product but also in the one who stands behind it.

  • Everything should have a meaning - especially in the posts. Personal accounts, expert accounts, and even stores should provide content that has at least some value.

  • It's high time to forget about non-environmentally friendly warm-ups and head-on sales - they are annoying.

  • You can’t add content from time to time - consistency is important for the result. Do not be lazy to make a content plan and publish posts when the majority of your subscribers are online. This will increase your reach!

To Sum Up!

No matter what stage of brand promotion or a personal blog on Instagram you are at, you should know what is in trend and what is better to avoid. And to know that you are on the right track, constantly analyze what subscribers like and what they leave without paying attention.

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